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About Us

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The Little Giants

Welcome to The Little Giants, a friendly and fun-loving guild on Aetish-US! We are a classic Cataclysm guild dedicated to creating a positive and engaging environment for all our members.

Our Leadership

Our guild is led by the dynamic duo, Alexandra and Mike (aka Malakiah). Despite being fairly new to the game, Alexandra, alongside the experienced Malakiah, guides us through the thrilling adventures of Azeroth, from the depths of Deepholm to the heights of Mount Hyjal.

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Our Goals


For those who enjoy the thrill of player versus player combat, we offer opportunities for arena battles and rated battlegrounds (RBGs). Join us to prove your mettle and earn glory on the battlefield.

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Why Join Us?


We pride ourselves on being polite, supportive, and inclusive. Every member is valued, and we strive to make everyone feel at home.


Beyond the challenges and victories, we focus on having a great time together. Whether you're a raider, a PvPer, or just here for the camaraderie, you'll find your place with us.


As a growing guild, there are plenty of opportunities for personal and group development. Be part of our journey as we expand and achieve great things together.

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